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Christmas Market in Düsseldorf 2017!

20.11.2017 von Horst Hegger

A stroll through the Düsseldorf-city-centre during the pre-Christmas-time is a wonderful experience on the 23rd  of November until the  30th  of December.


Carnival – 11.11.2017 – in Düsseldorf!

10.11.2017 von Horst Hegger

Between ‚Hoppeditz‘ Awakening‘ on November 11th and Ash Wednesday on the 14th of February 2018 – after the Rosenmontag Parade – more than 300 carnival sessions and costume balls are celebrated in the city of Düsseldorf.

Sankt Martin rides through the city of Düsseldorf!

02.11.2017 von Horst Hegger

The St. Maritin story will take place this year on Saturday the 11th of November 2017.

Following the old tradition, more than 130 Martin trains will stroll through the state capital. Düsseldorf – St. Martin will get followed by a big crowd of children with self-made lanterns. The highlight of the evening is Martin traditions train through the narrow streets and alleyways of Düsseldorf’s Old Town on Friday 10th  November

Wheel of vision again in Düsseldorf!

16.10.2017 von Horst Hegger

The “Wheel of Vision“ will return to Düsseldorf this year from 18th of October 2017 until 07th of January 2018.

The 52-metre high ferries wheel will enrich the city silhouette between the Rhine bank and the Old Town and will be a real attraction for the residents of Düsseldorf, the tourists and the trade fair guests.

Chinese festival in Düsseldorf!

14.09.2017 von Horst Hegger

Düsseldorf’s Chinese festival on 16th September will be held this year the 7th time on the Marktplatz square in the City of Düsseldorf.

Japan Day with big Japanese fireworks in Düsseldorf!

15.05.2017 von Horst Hegger

This big event taking place for the 16th time on the 20th of May  in the city of Düsseldorf. The program offers a diversity of events between Burgplatz and the Television tower in the Old town. On this evening there will be a big japanese fireworks.

Tour de France 2017

19.03.2017 von Horst Hegger

The tour de France 2017 starts on the 29th of June in the City of Düsseldorf. After the Grand Départ, the race-way goes from the City of Düsseldorf via Meerbusch to Lüttich.


30.01.2017 von Horst Hegger

Around the corner (80 meter), there is a Bakery with Coffee shop, where our customers are able to eat a cheap breakfast in the Morning.

The Bakery is open from Monday to Saturday from 6:15 AM to 18:30 PM and Sunday from 7.30  to 11:30 A.M.

02.11.2016 von Horst Hegger


We change a lot in our Garden with new trees and flowers.

Also we install new garden lamps so that our garden is illuminated the whole

evening and night.

Sight Seeing – Town pictures for our Customers

27.08.2016 von Horst Hegger

We store pictures as a collection about  interesting places and buildings from the Cities of Düsseldorf,  Köln, Meerbusch, Krefeld and Neuss  at Google plus.

You can view it  before your stay by us, or you can plan a trip to this towns during your holiday.

You can find the collections of Düsseldorf and Cologne when you  call up the following  Google plus Link  (double click):

You can find the collections of Meerbusch, Krefeld and Neuss when you press the red button of our homepage


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